Where is the best shopping in The Bahamas?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Dan Heching

Shopping in the Bahamas runs the gamut, from purchasing conch shells at a local’s charming makeshift booth on the dock to exceptionally artistic souvenirs at ‘Mixed Media’, the boutique at the National Art Gallery in Nassau. On the same island, you can find the remarkable limestone Queen Anne’s Staircase, walk up the 65 hand-carved steps and explore the nearby curio shops and independently owned galleries. The shops seem to invite you inside to get lost amongst their wares of original and whimsically conceived ceramics, jewelry and artwork.
Other interesting and more far-flung spots include Vernon’s Grocery on Great Abaco Island, with its award-winning key lime pies, fresh-out-of-the-oven Bahamian-style bread, and a vast array of enticing Bahama spices, as well as Sandpiper Arts and Crafts on Great Exuma Island — a truly unique and atypical gift shop offering antique photos and better than average tropical clothing.

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