Does Blantyre have a guest loyalty program?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Blantyre periodically offers vacation packages, as well as a wonderful spring package for our returning guests. Check Blantyre’s website for more details.

Melanie Nayer

There is no standard guest loyalty program at Blantyre to earn points or rewards. However, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel staff makes a point to know its guests well, and in many cases, considers them friends. This is why you might find a few of your favorite things in your room when you check in to this luxury hotel. Blantyre takes hospitality to the next level by remembering intimate details of your previous stays, like exactly how many marshmallows you like in your hot cocoa or which size ice skates you wear. The Massachusetts hotel will also reward you by leaving personalized items in your room, which could be anything from a rare bottle of wine or fine champagne to a voucher for a complimentary one-hour massage at the spa, fresh flowers or homemade cookies. The loyalty program at Blantyre is less about points and more about knowing your favorite room, amenities and simple pleasures.

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