What kinds of salon treatments are offered at The Potting Shed Spa at Blantyre?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

We do not offer salon treatments at The Potting Shed Spa at Blantyre. But with notice, we would be happy to arrange for a local hair stylist or make-up person to visit your room.

Melanie Nayer

Unfortunately, any root touch-ups or quick trims will have to wait, because The Potting Shed Spa at Blantyre doesn't offer salon treatments for hair. The good news is that life in the Berkshires is pretty laid-back, so you won't have to worry about any see-and-be-seen restaurants or shopping outings. Just because your hair maintenance may need to wait until you return home doesn’t mean your nails will experience the same neglect. The Potting Shed Spa does offer manicure and pedicure treatments, including aromatherapy options. To book a mani-pedi, just make a reservation through the main spa phone number, or ask a Blantyre staff member to help make your appointment. 

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