What are the best Berkshires food experiences?

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The Berkshires area isn't necessarily known for its food. You won't vacation here because you're a foodie looking for a new experience, but instead because you're a traveler wanting to experience the historic elements of the Berkshire mountains, and at some point you're going to want to eat. Don't expect extravagantly complicated meals to occupy your dinner plate when you're here. If you're looking for something truly authentic, head straight to the diners in Lee and Lenox — our favorite is Joe's Diner, which is reminiscent of an old 1950s diner — and spin around on the bar stools while you wait for your cheeseburger and cherry coke. The Berkshires is also flanked with taverns and pubs, and anywhere you stop you'll find decent food with a New England flavor. On the menus, you’re sure to find clam chowder, chili, fish-and-chips, burgers, lobster rolls (in season) and crab cakes. We love the Barrington Brewery & Restaurant, located in Great Barrington, as it features its own brewed beers.

For the best Berkshires food experiences, Blantyre proudly suggests:

1. Have the Chef’s Tasting Menu at The Dining Room at Blantyre, featuring the freshest ingredients from local farms.

2. Enjoy a Blantyre picnic basket overstuffed with gourmet goodies on the lawns of Tanglewood Music Center.

3. Order from Blantyre’s Lighter Fare Menu, a more casual offering enjoyed at one of the outdoor umbrella tables along the stone perimeter of the Main House.

4. Try the Chef’s Specials at Nudel in the heart of Lenox, featuring an open kitchen and casual, fresh Italian. 

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