What is the Berkshires’ restaurant scene like?

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The Berkshires isn't known for its restaurants; trendy diners and those in the food game head to New York City or Boston for the best restaurants. In the Berkshires, the restaurant scene is simple: good food, casual atmosphere, easy dining. You'll find a plethora of pubs and taverns around the Berkshires that whip up everything from burgers to chowders and pot pies. Comfort food is a way of life here, so expect to eat well and hearty when you sit down to dine. That's not to say you can't find a few fine dining restaurants in the Berkshires — they do exist — but ask the locals and they'll tell you the best food is found in the diners and taverns that line Route 7 and Route 20. One thing you can be sure of when you dine in the Berkshires: whether you're hanging bar side or amid candlelight in a fine dining restaurant, the food here is unbelievably fresh. Thanks to local farmers located throughout the region, the farm-to-table concept is as widely accepted here as waitlists are at nearby New York City and Boston restaurants.

For a small New England Village of 3,000, Lenox has quite an extraordinary group of restaurants, offering every cuisine in country-chic settings. 

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