What are the best things to see and do in the Kennebunks?

Melanie Nayer

In Kennebunk time doesn’t stand still, but it moves at a slow pace so that you can kickback and relax rather than run from activity to activity. Here are our picks for the five best things to see and do in Kennebunk:
1. Art galleries. Kennebunk is filled with art galleries and studios, showcasing the best of what local artists have to offer. Walk around the galleries in Kennebunk or plan a private viewing at one around town. During the summer, art shows and artist debuts take place in Kennebunkport on various evenings.
2. Whale watching. Maine serves as a prime spot to whale watch as the giant mammals migrate up north during the summer. Book a whale watching tour to see some of the creatures up close. Some whale species even call the northern waters home year-round and you can watch for whales regardless of the time of year.
3. Fishing. An early morning on the lake sets the perfect mood for a day in Maine. Fishing is a way of life here — especially when it comes to lobsters. There are various fishing charters you can book while you’re here, including deep-sea fishing. Venture out to catch dinner or simply get a glimpse into the typical day of a fisherman.
4. Sailing. There’s no better way to see the Maine coast than by boat. From Kennebunkport you can book sailing charters or take a boat out on your own (sailing credentials required, of course). Pack a picnic and some extra SPF, and head out into the calm Maine waters for a day at sea.
5. Shopping. Known as the downtown of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport is a quaint little district filled with boutiques, restaurants, art galleries and souvenir shops. Situated on the harbor, Kennebunkport is the best place for watching the sunset with a cocktail — preferably a gin and tonic — in hand.

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    What are the best spas in the Kennebunks?

    If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a stay at charming and historic Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star The White Barn Inn, be sure to visit luxurious The White Barn Inn Spa. The Four-Star minimalist-but-luxurious New England spa incorporates local ingredients into its spa treatments. Maine sea salts are used in body wraps, and Kennebunk River rocks are used for the spa’s stone massage. If you’d like to enjoy an aromatic bath in your room after your treatment, set up the Light of the Moon Plunge — a butler will draw you a bath that incorporates mandarin orange and lemon essential oils and light scented candles to make the experience even more soothing.
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