What are the best day trips near Tokyo?

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Sandra Barron

Kyoto is too far for what you have planned in Tokyo, but you still want to get out of town for a fix of ancient temples and shrines. What to do? Hop a train to Kamakura! An hour later, you’ll find yourself a world away amid lush greenery and famously charismatic rickshaw runners. There’s a seated Buddha who’s been sitting since the 1300s, shopping streets lined with handicrafts and traditional snacks, and more temples than you could see in even the most ambitious day out. While they might look similar at a glance, each one has its own treasures and surprises to discover. Don’t miss the cave full of devotional deities at Hasudera or the chance to wash your money for good luck at Zeniarai Benten Shrine.
Bonus: After temple fatigue sets in, you’re just a short hop from the beaches near Enoshima. Take the Eno-den electric train toward Enoshima station, or get off earlier anytime after you can see the ocean from the train. Shichirigahama is one great, quiet option with a few nice cafes near the beach.

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