What are the best things to do in the Ginza district of Tokyo?

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Nicholas Coldicott

Ginza is the place for high-end eating, drinking and shopping. It's rarely cheap, but you usually get what you pay for.

The area’s unusually wide sidewalks lend the district a spacious feeling rarely found in Tokyo and gave rise to the term 'ginbura' (Ginza strolling). You could lose an afternoon strolling Ginza, watching people and taking in the architectural one-upmanship of the international megabrands’ stores. 

In amongst the flashy flagships are little boutiques offering the same fine craftmanship they’ve been selling for decades. Try Natsuno for chopsticks, Kanameya for folding fans, and Kyukyudo for washi paper and other stationery.

Ginza is also home to some great art galleries. The Ginza Graphic Gallery has spent more than 25 years doing spotlighting fonts, graphics and advertising. The nearby Shiseido Gallery is arguably the highlight of the local art scene, with impressive photographic and video art shows. On a quirkier note, the Vanilla Gallery showcases all things erotic and is not the least bit family friendly.

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