What are the best Tokyo food experiences?

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Tokyo has every kind of food experience you can imagine, from lively beer gardens during the summer months to ramen stations that seem to pop up out of nowhere. Here are Forbes Travel Guide editors’ must-eats while visiting this capital city:
1. Monjayaki. You can find okonomiyaki (savory Japanese pancake) all over Japan. But Tokyo has its own version, called monjayaki, which is made with more watery dough. The ingredients are finely chopped and mixed into the batter before frying. One of the best places to try monja is Kiji in Chiyoda.
2. Fugu. One of the most expensive — and deadliest — dishes to order in Tokyo is fugu, a highly poisonous puffer fish. Chefs have to be licensed to prepare and serve it — and it comes in a variety of ways from raw to stewed. Death from eating fugu is very rare, but it happens. It’s the only dish the emperor of Japan is not allowed to eat. If you want to try fugu, go to Kappo-Ajioka in Ginza, which specializes in the dish.
3. Beer. If you’re visiting Tokyo in the summer, hit up a beer garden, typically sponsored by one of the local breweries in Japan. Some are on rooftops of department stores; others are right in the middle of streets, closed off to vehicular traffic. There are even beer gardens on the grounds of shrines.
4. Anpan. A Japanese sweet roll typically filled with red bean paste, anpan was first introduced by Ginza’s Kimuraya Bakery in 1874. These rolls now come with a variety of fillings such as white bean, chestnut, even sake-infused apple.
5. Wagyu beef. This succulent meat is a must in Japan, and Dons de la Nature in Ginza offers this high-quality marbled slab of meat, brought to your table beforehand so you can choose which cut you want. Eat it simply grilled with just a sprinkling of salt.

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