Where is the best pizza in Tokyo?

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Nicholas Coldicott

Napoli-style pizza rules in Tokyo, and though there are restaurants all over town, the four big names are Seirinkan, Savoy, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele and Pizzeria da Isa.  All serve pizzas with charred, chewy crusts and a lovely sloppy topping. The former three go traditional and serve nothing but marinara or Margherita. Seirinkan’s marinara is a masterpiece, and da Michele probably wins the Margherita crown. Da Isa, run a multi-award winning pizzaioli Hisanori Yamamoto, offers a whopping 33 varieties, though most are just an ingredient or two away from the classics. It’s wise to book seats at Seirinkan, Savoy or da Isa. If you want to eat at da Michele, the sister of the Naples’ joint featured in Eat, Pray, Love, then you’ll have to be prepared to line up.

For a completely different kind of pie, try Devilcraft, a craft beer specialist in the Kanda district. The top floor of the multi-story pub is a kitchen that turns out great Chicago-style deep dish pizzas. Devilcraft has barely had a seat spare since opening day in late 2011, so be sure to call and reserve.

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