What are the best food experiences in Toledo?

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If Toledo is great at anything, it’s providing visitors with diverse dining options. From Lebanese to Mexican, Thai to Polish, this city has a restaurant for every palate. Here are five food experiences Forbes Travel Guide editors recommend having in Toledo:
1. Authentic Chinese food. Located west of downtown, Jing Chuan is in a pagoda-like building and serves the most authentic Chinese food in the city. A pot of steaming tea will start your meal, and the expansive menu is sure to include a few off-the-beaten-path dishes. Order the moo shu pork and a server will fill and roll paper-thin pancakes tableside.
2. Hungarian hot dogs. Tony Packo’s has been serving its famous Hungarian hot dogs since 1932. The restaurant’s popularity grew after being mentioned in a handful of M*A*S*H episodes in the late 1970s, and it’s still a Toledo landmark today. Visit the Front Street location to get the full experience. The walls are covered in hot dog buns signed by famous patrons. 
3. Sushi. There are some top spots for sushi in Toledo, including Koto Buki. Sit at a cozy table or take a seat at the sushi bar where you can watch the chefs create edible works of art.
4. Mexican food. El Camino Real is a popular Mexican eatery with a vibrant atmosphere. If you’re looking for a casual place to relax, enjoy a margarita and live entertainment, this is the place to be. The patio is packed during warmer months, so arrive early for a seat.
5. Small plates. Toledo’s Poco Piatti is known for its small plates and great group dining. You can come here to sample a number of dishes from the Mediterranean- and Middle Eastern-inspired menu. Many diners start with the Greek Kasseri cheese, which is flamed tableside and accompanied by waiters and patrons yelling “Opa!”

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