What are some things to know before visiting Toronto?

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Ilona Kauremszky

Canada’s largest city is situated along Lake Ontario bound by a couple of major rivers: the Don River in the east and the Humber River to the west. But like most major cities Toronto has experienced urban expansion coupled by a surge in population.

Some more things to know:

Toronto is the city while the GTA is the Greater Toronto Area which includes various outlying regions like Markham and Mississauga.

Don’t worry about packing a French-English dictionary. You can pack that book or app when visiting the neighboring province of Quebec. English is the lingua franca in Toronto while French can be heard at various government offices due to Canada officially being a bilingual country.

Toronto is comprised of neighborhoods so be sure to seek out areas beyond the familiar tourist locations in downtown and stretch your sightseeing efforts to other enclaves.

Downtown city streets have a familiar grid pattern. The main artery slicing Toronto into west and east is Yonge Street which has been known as the world’s longest street for years by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The bars close at 2am.

The official minimum drinking age is 19 years old.

Pack an appetite. The city has over 7,000 restaurants.

Fans can wander over to Canada’s Walk of Fame on King Street West to search for some of their favourite Canadian stars in movies, sports, science and more.

Rosemina Nazarali

Toronto is a diverse city that has something to offer to every walk of life. This is a city that loves art and culture, has an amazing music scene and absolutely loves food. 

The one thing to look into before planning a trip to Toronto is the weather. Generally speaking, during the months of June to September the city is hot, hot, hot. Hot and humid. Us Torontonians tend to love these hot days simply because our winters are long, cold and, between January and Feburary, full of snow. 

Toronto is also best experienced the way a true Torontonian would. While seeing a few tourist attractions are an absolute must, you should also explore the city's different neighborhoods, check out a few local bars and visit some smaller eateries that specialize in fare from around the world.

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