What are the best golf courses in Toronto?

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Ilona Kauremszky

Toronto’s got a whole whack of golf courses around the city.

For folks who are shy at the first tee check out a helpful pace and etiquette program from the City of Toronto designed to make golf experiences a good one. 

Thankfully the City maintains five public golf courses. Usually bank on four hours for a round of golf at any of them. Most of the golf courses are situated in historic surrounds.

Now let’s tee-off at two. 

Dentonia Park Golf Course – One of Toronto’s turn of the last century tycoons Walter Massey of Massey-Harris fame bought countless acres outside the city limits, made a farm, died, and his wife Susan lived there. A city philanthropist herself, she opened a school and donated part of the land to the city. Fast forward to the opening of the golf course which debuted in the sixties and discover why locals have enjoyed these greens ever since.

Don Valley Golf Course – Named after the historic Don River that winds through the valley, this course was the result of a happy accident. A couple of years before its opening, the stretch of river became tattered in shambles due to a horrific hurricane in 1954. The city jumped in, restored the mounds and opened what has become one of the city’s nicest public golf courses.

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