What are the best places for breakfast in Toronto?

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Ilona Kauremszky

Torontonians love a good brunch on the weekends. It’s our chance to sit back and relax with friends. Summer’s got its own appeal too.

Here’s where to go:

The vegan crowd – It’s stroller busy at Lady Marmalade, a hip vegan resto in trendy Leslieville. The owners work closely with local organic food suppliers like St. John Bakery and the Big Carrot to create some stellar brunch dishes. The small seating capacity means no reservations so arrive early.

The posh crowd - King Edward Hotel is where opulence and pedigree are hand in glove at this luxurious Edwardian property where the brunch tradition scores high. Don’t be surprised if you spot some A-listers either. Over the years Hollywood royalty like Richard Burton and Liz Taylor canoodled in the corner of the Sovereign Ballroom ironically the setting for the brunch scene.

The Morning after crowd – Spice it up with Canada’s favorite tomato-spicy clamato juice-based cocktail, the all mighty Caesar. Over at Miller Tavern in Toronto’s tony Hog’s Hollow district mixologist Rob Montgomery is known to make some mean Caesars. For the downtown crowd a.k.a the urban hipsters and parents pushing strollers head to the second location on 31 Bay Street. Montgomery’s bacon infused vodka comes with bacon on the side plus bacon dusted on the rim. The Caesar creation has even caught the attention of USA Today which lauded the spicy bacon cocktail as one of the ten best in North America.

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