What is the best way to see Toronto in one day?

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Considering Ontario’s capital is a cornucopia of attractions, it’s not hard to fill up an entire day ogling at the city’s wonders. In fact, Toronto and its surroundings are home to two wonders of the world. Whether you make the trek during the vibrant summer or the frigid winter, there’s plenty to do in T-Dot. We’ve come up with our ideal day in Toronto, so here’s what we’ve got:

Start your day off with one of the most traditional Torontonian breakfasts: A Peameal Bacon Sandwich. If you want the best sandwich, you’ll have to venture into the busy St. Lawrence Market and make your way to the legendary Carousel Bakery. For more than 30 years, this popular bakery has lured locals and visitors alike for a chance to chow down on the world famous peameal bacon sandwich made with thick cut back bacon, which is brined and coated with cornmeal.

After you’ve reached your caloric intake for the day (it’s worth it; you’ll burn them off quickly with this jam-packed schedule), split to Niagara Falls. You can’t come to Ontario and not experience the Falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. Gushing about 3,160 tons of water every second, the Falls have to be seen to be believe. Being on the border — literally — of the U.S. and Canada, you’ve got to experience both sides. But, true to the rest of the nation, the Canadian side offers many more spectacular sights. Hop on the elevator to descend to just 25 feet above the river; you’ll be in the middle of the action as you are actually behind the Falls. Though your eyes won’t believe what you’re seeing, you’ll feel the constant spray from the natural wonder to remind you that you aren’t dreaming.

So you’ve gotten a hefty dose of Mother Nature’s work at its best; now it’s time to head back to the metropolis. On your way back to Toronto, make a pit stop in the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake for a stroll around this picturesque village that was once a busy shipping, shipbuilding and commercial center. Mosey your way on over to the historic hotel, Prince of Wales. This Victorian treasure dates back to 1864 and remains one of Canada’s most beloved hotels. Once you’ve finished perusing the stunning architecture, make a beeline for the hotel’s formal dining room, Escabéche. Order the Lobster Poutine for a true Canadian lunch with an elegantly divine twist. The pomme frites topped with Quebec cheese curds, butter poached Atlantic lobster and smothered with Béarnaise sauce is out-of-this-world delicious.

Stroll around the town to work off lunch, then it’s back in the car and straight for Toronto. Venture to the top of the world-famous CN Tower, which is currently the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere. Board the Sky Pod on the observation level to shoot up another 33 stories for an unrivalled view of the buzzing city. For the thrill seekers, it doesn’t get any better than being on the edge — literally. Strap into a harness and walk the circumference of the CN Tower’s main pod,116 stories above ground.

Once your nerves have calmed and your heart rate has returned to normal, it’s time for another fabulous meal. Scoot on over to the Danforth for a Mediterranean feast in Toronto’s village overflowing with Greek culture. You’ll likely get bamboozled by the plethora of Greek spots, but keep walking until you reach Pantheon. Go for the crispy calamari and the chicken souvlaki for an authentic Hellenic dish. By 10 p.m., you should be finished with dinner and ready to continue your Torontonian adventure. Shimmy on down to King Street West for drinks and dancing at Cheval. After you’ve graced the dance floor with your signature moves, top the night off with a walk along Lake Ontario.

When your legs have gotten tired and you hear your bed at the Hazelton Hotel calling your name, call it a day. You’ve experienced the best that Toronto has to offer in just one day.

Ilona Kauremszky

For the time starved visitors who want to see as much of Toronto as possible why not head to the tallest perch to get the best city views?

The CN Tower which once held the world’s tallest freestanding structure title has an elevator that beams sightseers to the observation deck in under a minute. Hold onto your hat during the walk about outside and for those who’d rather stay indoors, the enclosed observatory also give a fabulous vantage point. I like how maps outline the various landmarks too.

Another wonderful way to see Toronto is by heading to the Toronto Islands. It really gives the ultimate view of the city. The short 10 minute ferry ride to Centre Island is a treat on its own. But of course, the best part is seeing the vast city skyline topped with the CN Tower and the massive Skydome known as the Rogers Centre which houses the world’s first fully retractable roof.

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