What should you pack for a trip to Toronto?

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Ilona Kauremszky

Toronto is a four-season city so a large determinant in your packing essentials will be based on when you visit.

The nice thing about visiting a city like Toronto is if you forget something you can always purchase it at one of the thousands of shops plus the helpful concierges at your hotel can direct you to the nearest stores.

Still if you visit it’s a good idea to pack the necessary items needed each season. In winter, it’s boots, a winter coat, hat, scarf and gloves. During spring it is more raingear themed so from rain repellant wind breakers to those fashionable rain boots. Summer’s nice for the soft cotton dresses, chinos, and big sun hats. And of course, autumn’s got that back-to-school-look going so tweeds, wool sweaters, and handsome jackets are always smart and welcomed.

Sensible walking shoes are a must. Downtown Toronto is pedestrian friendly and many of the shops and attractions are closely situated.

Pack the usual sunscreen to void off UV rays, the umbrella for the days of unexpected rain.

Bring some evening outfits for those night-out-on-the-town jaunts as Toronto is hopping with nightlife.

Rosemina Nazarali

If you were to pack only one sensible item for a trip to Toronto, I would recommend that be a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Toronto is a great city to explore by foot, no matter what season you happen to be visiting in.

Which brings me to my next point -- what you pack will vary greatly by season. Summertime will require flip flops, light and airy clothes for hot and humid days, and a light jacket for possible cooler nights. During the fall and spring seasons, pack a combination of t-shirts and long pants with a jacket, closed shoes and a sturdy umbrella. Winter will require a nice warm coat, sweaters, socks, winter boots, scarves and gloves.

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