Where is the best nightlife in Toronto?

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Rosemina Nazarali

Most Toronto neighbourhoods have great nightlife, but two specific areas come to mind when looking for the best nightlife the city has to offer. Entertainment District is the first place that comes to mind, playing host to a myriad of popular nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The next place to visit is King West. King West hosts more of an older crowd -- Entertainment District nightclubs are usually 19+, where King West nightclubs are usually at least 21+. This is the area where young professionals will go to unwind after a long week of work. Not only will you find great eats here, you’ll also find fun bars and beautifully-decorated nightclubs.

Ilona Kauremszky

Basically any neighborhood is up for grabs as locals and out-of-towners are kicking up their heels for some fun city nights.

If dancing and staying up all hours is your thing strap on those stilettos and find your way to the Entertainment District.

Blocks hemmed in with nightclubs open their doors. You’ll know you reached one when you spot the insatiably long cue and red velvet cords holding back the dance crowd masses.

The Fifth Social Club a den sanctuary accessible by a private freight elevator looks like a TV set for the ABC hit Revenge with all its chic Hamptons-like white interiors but instead it’s a backdrop to some serious DJ playing and house dancing.

Styled in big white sofas, white gauze curtains, sweeping dark wood floors, the atmosphere says come and linger for a few hours.  Still if you get bored there, the property has another place called Cabin Five which is a party bar that mirrors a cabin in the woods. The swanky watering hole features lots of wood decor, antlers and legendary blanket stool covers from Canada’s oldest department store, the Hudson's Bay Company.

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