What are the five best things to see and do in Turks & Caicos?

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K. Aleisha Fetters

You’ll never stray too far from the water when you visit Turks and Caicos. Here are Forbes Travel Guide editors’ picks for the five best things to see and do in Turks and Caicos:
1. Go conch diving. A short boat ride into the Atlantic gives adventure-goers the perfect opportunity to snorkel and dive their way to live conchs, a tasty shellfish. If you like, you can remove them from the shell and then eat them alfresco.

2. Learn to SNUBA. The waters surrounding the islands are home to some of the most well protected — and healthiest — coral reefs in the region, making for some spectacular underwater views. Don’t have any diving training? SNUBA, a cross between snorkeling and SCUBA, allows divers to swim about 20 feet deep while an oxygen tank floats on a raft on the water’s surface. No training is required.  

3. See the Glow Worms. A sunset boat outing is the best way to observe this local phenomenon that takes place every month two to six nights after a full moon. After sunset, the phosphorescent marine worms perform a mating dance that lights up the water.

4. Hit the beach. With beaches this beautiful, you’d be crazy not to spend your days with your toes in the sand. The sand is so white that it doesn’t even get hot, so feel free to leave your flip-flops in the hotel room.

5. Explore Smith’s Reef.  Called some of the best snorkeling anywhere, Smith’s Reef near Turtle Cove Marina offers snorkeling right off the beach. Even the kids can come along and see coral formations, colorful fish and turtles. Just be sure to consult a map, because the turn-off for #68 Coconut Road can be easy to miss.

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