Where is the best shopping in Tuscany?

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Hayley Bosch

Offering some of Italy’s best shopping, Tuscany is a fashionista’s dream come true. With Florence as its anchor, Tuscany’s shopping scene includes haute couture from designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci; beautiful gold necklaces and bracelets from shops on the Ponte Vecchio; and handcrafted leather belts, wallets and handbags from the School of Leather.
But other Tuscan towns have plenty to offer as well. In the ancient city of Lucca, shop in the open-air markets alongside locals who are picking up produce for dinner — marvel at the Italian ladies carrying their goods on their heads. You can uncover some real gems here. Whether you’re buying a loaf of fresh Tuscan bread or browsing the array of antiques, these markets are a great shopping experience.
If you do seek antiques, our Forbes Travel Guide editors suggest trekking to Arezzo. On the weekends, Arezzo hosts a top-notch antique market, Fiera Antiquaria, where you’ll find everything from paintings and prints to jewelry and sculptures.

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