What are quirky local customs in Vancouver?

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Maria Tallarico

The great thing about Vancouver is that visitors blend right in with the locals -- the city is made up of people from all over Canada and the world who've headed west and settled on the coast. It seems meeting a native Vancouver is as rare as not having to line-up for dim sum on a Sunday afternoon.
Nicknames such as Vancity, The 'Couv and the 604 aren't actually used by Vancouverites - neighbourhoods are a much more realistic marker when talking about parts of the city (i.e.: Gastown, Railtown, Robson).
As seeing as it rains (a lot), weather is a hot topic of conversation. If you ever want to strike up a conversation with a stranger, ask them if it's going to rain (if it isn't already!).
The only thing that can get a Vancouverite off of the topic of weather? Hockey. More of a religion than a sport, it seems talking about the fate of the Vancouver Canucks is the city's unofficial pastime. (And here's a hint to curry favor: Always say ‘they're looking good for the cup this year.’)
And as Vancouver continues to grow as a tech hub (Silicone Valley of the North? Maybe one day), so does the entrepreneurial spirit of the city's workforce, meaning on any given afternoon, most coffee shops are crowded with bright young things plugged into their laptops, furiously pounding away at their latest project.
It’s not just the tech industry that is cutting edge: Vancouver’s food scene is on par with some of the world’s most notable culinary cities (like San Francisco and New York). Because of the milquetoast nightlife scene, restaurants are serve as the core of Vancouver’s social scene.

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