What are the best bakeries in Vancouver?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Carolyn B. Heller

Baguette & Co. With locations in Kitsilano and West End, this friendly little French bakery prepares baguettes and other traditional French breads, as well as very good croissants. If you always have trouble deciding between almond and chocolate pastries, don’t worry – their delectable chocolate-almond croissant combines the best of both.

Terra Breads. At this local favorite, pick up a loaf of bread for your picnic – the green olive or rosemary varieties are good choices – or a cookie to sustain you through your sightseeing. The Granville Island location is a take-out counter, but you can sit down for a sandwich or pastry in the Kitsilano or Olympic Village branches.

Tartine Bread and Pies. Hidden away amidst the Yaletown condo towers just off the False Creek seawall, this shop bakes excellent breads (including a hearty multigrain loaf), an assortment of muffins, and a wide range of seasonal pies and tarts.

Crème de la Crumb. Like scones? This tiny downtown bakery bakes some fine ones, fresh every day. Try the vanilla bean and pear, cranberry with white chocolate, or whatever has just come out of the oven.

Thomas Haas. Kitsilano denizens were thrilled when pastry chef Thomas Haas opened a patisserie-café in their ‘hood. It’s hard to pass up the signature dark-chocolate sparkle cookies, but you’ll also find macarons, croissants, fresh fruit galettes, and a collection of drool-worthy chocolates.

Maria Tallarico

Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe opened this year to the delight of French-baking aficionados. The rotation of buttery, fresh and delicious desserts is incredible: lavender brownies, double baked almond croissants and pain au chocolate are just a few of the mouth-watering offerings.
Butter Baked Goods & Cafe is a mix of old-fashion favourites done in a modern, aesthetically delightful way. Colorful cupcakes topped with sprinkles, fluffy house-made marshmallows and childhood treats like the peanut butter sandwich take nostalgic favourites to the next level.
Giovane at the Fairmont Pacific Rim does triple duty as a bakery, cafe and deli. Sticky cinnamon buns topped with cream cheese frosting, sugar buns filled with custard and the popular apple galette are packaged in sleek boxes make for easy take out (if you can manage not to take a bite before getting out the door.)

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