What are the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver?

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Maria Tallarico

There are several players in the pizza game that abide by the Neapolitan commandments: fresh tomato sauce (San Marzano tomatoes, grown near Mount Vesuvius, are a popular choice), cheese (specifically mozzarella di bufala Campana) and dough made with a very specific type of “00” flour and yeast (although each restaurant has their own flour and dough-making process). The pizza is then slid into a 900 degree oven for about 90 seconds and served hot and bubbling with a soft center. Toppings vary from anchovies to prosciutto di parma (no ham and pineapple here) and typically eaten individual style with a knife and fork. There are several authentic options (most operate with a casual, walk-in style seating), with options all over the city: Via  Tevere, Nicli Antica Pizzera, NOVO Pizzeria and Wine Bar, Enoteca, Pizzeria Farina and Campagnolo Roma.

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