What are the best whale watching tours in Vancouver?

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Stéphane Mouttet
  • Stéphane Mouttet

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  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Vancouver area truly offers some spectacular whale watching tours. There are tours operating from Vancouver Harbour, Granville Island, Stevenson and Victoria.
Viewing the whales in their natural habitat is a very memorable experience. The Natualists (TourGuides) are most informative sharing their insightful knowledge with the passengers. 
We suggest to bring warm and layered clothing as it can become chilly on the sea. Depending on the tour you select it may also be advisable to bring along snacks and a packed lunch.
The tours generally offer different types of vessels, the most common being the semi-covered cruisers or the zodiac boats. For the zodiacs, passengers are fitted in water-protective clothing. Depending on the tides, passengers should be aware that the sea can become choppy at times and this should be a consideration for those who are prone to seasickness.

Wild Whales Vancouver
1806 Mast Tower Road, Granville Island, Vancouver
(604) 699-201

Vancouver Whale Watch
12240 Second Avenue, Suite 210, Richmond
(604) 274-9565

Prince of Whales
812 Wharf Street, Lower Causeway Level, Victoria
(250) 383 -4884

(Vancouver departures leave from Vancouver Harbour adjacent the Westin Bayshore Hotel.)

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