What is the tipping etiquette in Vancouver?

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Maria Tallarico

Reportedly, Canadians have earned a slighty… stingy reputation on the international tipping scene, particularly in comparison to our generous American neighbours. But tipping in Canada does have some general guidelines. Servers can hope for a 15-20% pre-tax tip (18% seems to be the sweet spot). Valets hope for a $5-10 tip for the initial drop-off and final pick-up, and bellhops average about $2-3 a bag.  Taxis can work as either a “round-up” situation or a 10-15% gratuity. Concierge tipping is not custom but certainly appreciated for someone who has gone above and beyond. If you are hitting the bar, self-service usually calls for a loonie ($1) for the bartender’s tip jar. Finally, don’t forget one of the most important people at the hotel who you will probably never see – the person who cleans your room. $5 a day is appropriate and while some guests like to tip at the end of the stay, do keep in mind that it’s not always the same person who cleans your room every day.

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