What is the weather like right now in Vancouver?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Carolyn B. Heller

April is springtime in Vancouver, when the winter rains abate and trees all over the city burst into colorful bloom. It’s still cool (temperatures average 13C/55F by day and 6C/43F overnight), and it’s always smart to carry an umbrella, but the days are getting longer and the sun is now making frequent appearances.

Maria Tallarico

February/March weather in Vancouver is a funny thing: spring is on the horizon, but winter is hanging on for dear life. Unfortunately that means lots of grey skies and damp days; Vancouverites are adept at going days without seeing the sun and hardly minding at all because they know glorious, sunny spring days will eventually appear. Until then, there isn’t much to do but hunker down with a warm drink and a good book – and always carry an umbrella. Dress for chilly temps (not quite as low as our East Coast friends, but the wetness does affect how the temperature feels. Snow can sometimes make an appearance, but usually it’s like a houseguest: shows up at your door unexpectedly for a short visit, but never overstays its welcome.

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