Where can you get the best view of Vancouver?

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Maria Tallarico

Vancouver is a city with stunning views from every hilltop and perch - mountains, ocean, forest and a skyline of modern glass high-rises makes for a very photogenic view.

Some of the best vistas in the city can be spotted from the downtown bridges: Granville Street Bridge, Cambie Street Bridge, Burrard Street Bridge and Lions Gate Bridge. All have busy pedestrian paths and bike lanes, meaning you can easily access the bridge and stop for some photos.

Vancouver Lookout is a 360 degree experience that starts with a glass elevator ride. The views stretch to Gastown, the Pacific Ocean, the local skiing mountains and of course Stanley Park. It's a very relaxing and informative way to see Vancouver from the sky.

To get a look at the great outdoors while actually enjoying the great outdoors, check out Prospect Point in Stanley Park. The proximity to the Lions Gate Bridge and the surrounding flora and fauna make for a very pretty picture.

Carolyn B. Heller

It’s hard to pick just one “best view” of Vancouver, since this photogenic city has so many striking viewpoints. Here are a few great-view suggestions:

Perch yourself on a bench at Kitsilano Beach. Not only is it a great spot for people-watching, but you’ll have a great view of the water, the downtown towers, and the North Shore Mountains.

Exit the rear doors of the Granville Island Public Market, and you’ll be right on the False Creek waterfront, looking across to downtown Vancouver.

Walk onto the Burrard Bridge that connects downtown with the Kitsilano neighborhood, and your reward will be a lovely view of the English Bay beaches, the tip of Stanley Park, and the mountains beyond.

Head to Vancouver’s Waterfront Station and catch the SeaBus, a 15-minute ferry that shuttles across the Burrard Inlet to North Vancouver. Aboard the ferry (the city’s best, inexpensive “cruise”), or once you disembark at Lonsdale Quay, look back across the water for fine views of the downtown skyline.

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