What are the five best museums in Vienna?

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Joseph Reaney

Vienna is home to a wealth of wonderful museums, whether focused on grand ideals or specific niches. Here are Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ five favorite Vienna museums:
1. The Sigmund Freud Museum. Located in the former practice and apartment of the pioneering psychoanalyst, this is the place to learn all about Freud through thousands of displayed artifacts, photos, books and documents.
2. Funeral Museum. It may sound like an odd attraction, but any anthropologist will tell you there’s a lot to be learnt from a culture’s burial customs – so these thousands of exhibits related to local funerals, burial rites and funerary art throughout history will tell you all you need to know about the Viennese.
3. Albertina. This enormous museum is home to one of the best art collections in the world, with more than a million old master prints, 65,000 drawings, graphical works, photos and architectural drawings. Expect masterpieces by the likes of Chagall, Klimt, Miró, Monet, Munch and Toulouse-Lautrec.
4. Schnapps Museum. More of a distillery tour than a museum exhibition – although it is home to a number of displays of historic production utensils, furniture and recipes – this living and breathing building is still busy producing such tipples as William Pear Brandy, Absinthe Mata Hari and Wiener Blut Liqueur.
5. Mozart’s Birthplace. You don’t have to be a classical music aficionado to find an in-depth exhibition about the origins of Mozart fascinating. Filled with his childhood belongings, including his first violin and viola, a pair of early keyboards and a lock of his hair, it offers a valuable insight into a musical prodigy.

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