What is the best thing to bring home from Vienna?

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Joseph Reaney

To remember your time in Vienna, you’ll want to pick some interesting souvenirs to take home with you. Here are Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ favorite things to bring home from Vienna:
1. Gustav Klimt print. His signature painting ‘The Kiss’ may appear on all sorts of tourist trinkets in the city, but that doesn’t change the fact that Gustav Klimt was an exceptional modern artist.  Celebrate his work by taking home a print of one of Klimt’s innovative Symbolist paintings.
2. Manner wafers. These famous hazelnut-cream-filled wafers have been made in Vienna since 1898 and are loved around the world; you’ll find unique variations at the Manner Store on Stephansplatz.
3. Some Mozart music. Few visitors to Vienna leave the city without a newfound appreciation of the genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart — so spread the word at home with some recorded renditions or sheet music.
4. Sacher-torte. It’s Vienna’s greatest culinary gift to the world, so why not pick up an original Sacher-Torte from the Café Sacher to take home?
5. Third Man memorabilia. If you’re a film buff you’ll already know that the 1940s film noir The Third Man — perhaps the greatest British movie of all time — is set in Vienna, and you can still find interesting memorabilia on sale here today.

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