What is the best thing to bring home from Warsaw?

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Joseph Reaney

From traditional folk art and crafts to locally made food, here are some of the best mementos and souvenirs to bring home from Warsaw, according to Forbes Travel Guide’s editors:
1. Amber Jewelry. Who knew fossilized tree resin could be so beautiful? Warsaw’s jewelers are experts in turning amber into art, so pick up a pretty pendant or earrings for yourself or a special someone.
2. Folk arts and crafts. Poland is well-known for its folk arts and crafts, from velvet embroidery to traditional dolls to lime-tree sculptures, and Warsaw has no shortage of market stalls and stores selling the wares.
3. Pisanka eggs. If you are in the Polish capital around Easter time, make sure you pick up a pisanka. These eggs are intricately decorated in a myriad of ways.
4. Food and drink. Anyone who spends time in Warsaw will fall in love with at least one or two of its traditional treats, so whether it is the kiełbasa sausages, smalec spreadable lard, preserved truffles or Żubrówka vodka, make sure you leave some room in your luggage.
5. Chopin music. You’ll find the great composer’s name attached to all kinds of tourist trinkets — from postcards to snow globes to (high quality) vodka — but there’s no better way to celebrate Chopin than with recordings of his work. Or, better still, with sheet music. 

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