What kinds of massages are offered at Red Door Spa?

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Guests of the  Red Door Spa in Willard InterContinental can enjoy a full menu of the most relaxing and rejuvenating body treatments. The massage menu features deep tissue, Swedish, reflexology, hot stone and prenatal treatments as well as couples’ massages. All the treatments incorporate Elizabeth Arden’s philosophy of combining nature and science to achieve the best results. Massages at Red Door Spa can last as little as 25 minutes, or up to 110 minutes.
The Red Door Signature is a guest favorite that is scented with sensual rose oil. Your body is massaged with shea butter cream and special attention is lavished on your feet and face in the form of an acupressure massage.  
During the Reflexology Massage, another special treatment at the spa, the therapist applies firm but gentle pressure to reflex points on your feet. The reflex points correlate to different body systems and wellness issues, and pressure on them can release blocked energy, relieve stress and boost circulation.
If you’re looking for a brief-but-effective treatment, the Time Saver Massage is a 25-minute Swedish-style treatment that focuses on relieving tension in the neck, back and shoulders. Or if you have a specific issue you’d like the therapist to focus on, just let them know and they'll concentrate on soothing an aching joint, muscle, or body part upon request.
At the opposite end of the spectrum, the 110-minute signature Stress Melter Ritual at the Red Door is an indulgent a combination of massage with a skin softening scrub and an aromatherapy body wrap designed for ultimate relaxation at the D.C. spa.

Red Door Spa offers the following massages: Swedish, Red Door Signature Massage, Deep Tissue, Desert Hot Stone, Reflexology and Pre-natal. 

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