What are the best parks in Washington D.C.?

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Mary Beth Albright

I love living in DC: When someone says "I'll meet you at the Mall" we're usually planning a day of cultural enrichment and outdoor fun, not scouring racks of clothes. The Mall is the mac daddy of Washington parks, with the Capitol at one end, the Lincoln Memorial on the other and the Washington Monument along the way (not to mention the Jefferson Memorial and White House flanking the park). In springtime and summer, you'll see tons of softball games (White House team vs. Team Boehner can't be missed) while taking in the lush Smithsonian gardens and a ride on the Carousel. A bit farther north, sandy volleyball courts along the Potomac River host consecutive games all weekend. 

On the weekends, Rock Creek Park is closed to cars on Beach Drive, which then turns into a gorgeous wooded path for serious cyclists, marathon trainers and new parents strolling with babies. 

McLean Robbins

Washington, D.C. is home to a large number of public parks, but a few are near and dear to our hearts. One of our favorites is Rock Creek Park, the city’s version of New York’s Central Park, with its wide running paths, beautiful forests, and striking water features. We also love Meridian Hill Park, located in Kalorama, where you can enjoy a spectacular waterfall, join an impromptu drum circle, or have a picnic in the sunshine.  Another must-visit spot is Great Falls, a national park located on two sides of the city (Maryland and Virginia). We’d suggest a visit to the Maryland side for challenging yet fun hiking and beautiful water views.

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