What are the most unusual dining experiences in Washington D.C.?

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McLean Robbins

Washington, D.C. has a number of dining experiences that will whet the whistle of even the most jaded palate.
 It's a city known for a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. As a result, the town offers some of the world’s most unique and unusual dining experiences. Here are a few of our favorites:

• Thai X-Ing – Located in a tiny basement in Shaw, this tasting menu-style Thai restaurant is one of the city’s view BYOB destinations and offers some of the city’s best Thai food in a setting that reminds guests of being in a native home.

• Ethiopian Food – Washington boasts one of the country’s largest Thai populations. Be sure to try this African country’s native cuisine on your next visit to the city.

• Rogue 24 – This 24-course tasting menu offers a journey through the world of molecular gastronomy. Similar to the equally impressive Minibar by José Andrés, this Blagden Alley restaurant is considered one of the city’s finest and most unusual dining experiences.

Of course, just about any cuisine, from fondue to French to Far Eastern, can be found in DC. We welcome you to try all that the city has to offer on your next visit. 

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