What is nightlife like in Washington D.C.?

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McLean Robbins

In recent years, Washington's nightlife has become more and more ecclectic, giving party-seeking Washingtonians even more reason to venture from their local watering holes and explore the city after dark. Like many cities, nightlife in Washignton, D.C. varies by neighborhood, with each area having a general "vibe" or type of establishment. While these statements aren't always 100% accurate, they'll give a good overview of what city neighborhood might best suit your desires:

Ideal for a post-work happy hour, this broad swatch of D.C. proper is known for having excellent hotel bars and top-notch restaurants.

Dupont Circle
Ideal for dining out and a popular location for post work happy hours, Dupont Circle is best as a 20-something party destination by evening.

Catering to the city’s preppy set by night, this popular evening destination has a number of casual bars and the Washington Harbour waterfront, which is a popular venue on warm summer nights for outdoor bar hopping.

Capitol Hill
This vibrant area has become even more popular since the Washington Nationals began playing and the 8th Street/Barracks Row area was revitalized. Popular for post-work happy hour, this destination also caters to well-heeled city dwellers looking for post dinner fun.

H Street
One of the city’s most up-and-coming areas, H Street or the “Atlas District’ offers a wide variety of eclectic bars and music venues.

Logan Circle
Upscale and trendy, some of the city’s best bars and restaurants line this strip along 14th Street. What was once “hipster” is now “urban chic.”

U Street
Similar to Logan Circle with a bit more edge, a number of popular dance venues line this strip between 14th and U and 16th and U.

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