What new museum exhibits are in Washington D.C.?

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Mary Beth Albright

For years, foodies have made pilgrimage visits to Julia Child’s kitchen reconstructed at the National Museum of American History. Now fans can learn more about cooking’s evolution at a new permanent exhibit that just arrived: “Food: Transforming the American table, 1950-2000.” Julia’s kitchen, arranged exactly as it was in her Cambridge, Massachusetts home when she donated it to the museum, has been incorporated into the new exhibit, which includes a whole section on American winemaking. Learn about the meteoric rise of Napa Valley and the expansion of viticulture to labels in all 50 states. (Alaskan wine, anyone?)

Another favorite part of the exhibit, Resetting the Table, examines the explosion of ethnic flavors and incorporation of native-land techniques into cooking. From Italy to Asia, immigrants have had immeasurable influence on American cuisine and this fascinating timeline shows its progression. “New and Improved” follows our country’s progression from small-farm centric to large-scale agriculture, and now our modern obsession with handmade, artisanal foods.

McLean Robbins

Washington, D.C. has more than its fair share of museums, and the city boasts and ever-changing array of new and upcoming exhibits. Here are a few must-visits:
Freer Gallery of Art:
·         Whistler’s Neighborhood: Impressions of a Changing London, is ending on September 13.
American History Museum:
·         Food: Transforming America’s Table: 1950-2000, has recently opened as a permanent addition to the collection.
Smithsonian Castle:
·         Experience Civil War Photography: From the Home Front to the Battlefield, will run through July 2013.
Natural History Museum:
·         Orchids of Latin America is a great live exhibition opening January 26, 2013.
·         Portraits of Planet Ocean: The Photography of Brian Skerry opens March 5, 2013.
·         Genome: Decoding Our Future opens on June 13, 2013.  
Portrait Gallery:
·         Mr. TIME: Portraits by Boris Chaliapin opens on March 17, 2013.
National Gallery of Art:
·         Faking It: Manipulated Photography before Photoshop opens on February 17, but only runs through May 5, 2013 – visit it quickly!

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