What are the five best Wellington food experiences?

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Jeff Fleisher

You’ll find Wellington filled with delicious food experiences, from pub food and coffee to beers and ethnic fare. Here are Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ picks for the five best Wellington food experiences.
1. Mixed Vegetarian Kebab. Wellington is full of kebab shops for late-night or on-the-go dining. Most offer this regional specialty you won't find in Auckland, with falafel, mujvar, carrot fritters and zucchini fritters in a huge pita, with your choice of toppings and sauces.
2. Flat White. Wellington's cafe scene is often credited with perfecting the flat white — an espresso and milk drink similar to a latte. The honor of “best flat white” changes cafes constantly, as baristas take part in regular competitions, but you can't go wrong anywhere. 
3. A Pint at the Pub.  It would be a shame to miss out on the authentic pub experience while you’re in Wellington. The Backbencher is a famous pub across from Parliament that serves up pints, politically themed fare like kumara chips and fried whitefish along with their famous puppets caricatures of political figures.
4. Whittaker's Chocolate. Founded in 1896, this chocolatier in nearby Porirua sells its many varieties of chocolate throughout Wellington, and deserves its institution status. Try the milk chocolate with kiwifruit pieces, or the dark chocolate with macadamia nuts.
5. Fresh Kiwifruit. One of the best (and simplest) food experiences anywhere in New Zealand is to try all three varieties of kiwifruit - the familiar green, plus the sweeter yellow, and the grape-size kiwi berries — while they're fresh. Most fruit markets or grocers in Wellington will have them all in season.

Sharon Stephenson

1. Paua ravioli at Logan Brown: Paua (or abalone as it's known in the U.S.) can still be legally snorkeled for around Wellington's rocky south coast and this capital institution does such amazing things with it they have to be tasted to be believed.

2. Moore Wilson's: It's said that if you can't find a rare food ingredient elsewhere in Wellington, you will find it at this sprawling foodie haven which contains a fresh and dry goods section, a wine and craft beer shop, a kitchen utensil store and a rotisserie Chook Wagon in the car park.

3. Roti Chenai: This is one of the central city's oldest Malaysian restaurants, and its freshly made roti canai flatbread, served with a curry of your choice, is still one of the best.

4. Sunday shopping at City Market: Wellington's leading food artisans gather to sell their wares beside the harbour, including line-caught fish, ready-ripened French cheese, good coffee and freshly baked artisan bread.

5. Have a craft beer: More craft beer is drunk in Wellington than anywhere else in New Zealand, and one of the best places to sup a brew is Little Beer Quarter, tucked away with a handful of other bars and live music venues on Edward Street.

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