How do I get to Whistler?

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Hayley Bosch

The closest things you’ll find to an airport in Whistler are seaports and heliports. You can’t very well land a seaplane in the middle of winter, when the lakes are frozen over, but helicopters are a good option year-round. If you fly into Vancouver International Airport, you’ll take a quick transfer shuttle to either the seaport or heliport to begin your journey.
Air travel isn’t the only way to get to Whistler; in fact, driving along the aptly named Sea-to-Sky Highway is absolutely beautiful. You can fly into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport or Vancouver and hit the road. Whistler is about four-and-a-half hours from Seattle, while Vancouver is about two hours. Keep in mind that winter and spring can be tricky for the roads; so be sure to check the driving conditions before you leave.
When all else fails, or you simply don’t feel like driving, hop aboard the Rocky Mountaineer Whistler Sea to Sky Climb train for a scenic ride along the oceanfront, through canyons and over mountains. The trip is about three and a half hours from Vancouver to Whistler, and is a great alternative to driving or flying.

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