What should I pack for a trip to the Willamette Valley?

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Kerry Newberry

Imagine sunny mild days in the summertime — coasting along at 70 to 80 degrees, and a soft breeze. Even if the daytime temperatures reach a balmy high of 80 degrees, dusk cools the valley down quickly. The fall can be chilly and winters downright cold and rainy, as you’re probably heard. A light sweater or jacket is always good to have at hand when you’re travelling in Oregon. Even if you arrive during summer, warm weather doesn’t really start here until after the fourth of July, so definitely pack a lightweight jacket. A wrap or a shawl is a great accessory for women, especially since restaurant air conditioning can be powerful

The Willamette Valley is blessed with breath-taking scenery, found by visiting vineyards or hiking trails, so plan to pack a sun hat, sunglasses and sturdy shoes. Even in the nearby urban center of Portland, fleece is considered high style, so sporty fashion is appropriate for most, if not all places. If you brave the late fall and winter season, rubber boots and any kind of waterproof wear are wise choices. You’ll know the native Oregonians, because they walk around in the drizzle without an umbrella. If that’s not your style, packing a pocket umbrella is a good idea too.      

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