What are the five best Xi’an food experiences?

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Your taste buds will be treated to some of China’s most unique and savory food experiences in Xi’an, where a diverse mix of Muslim and Chinese cultures combine to make this one city with significant appeal for traveling foodies. Don’t leave without trying our Forbes Travel Guide editors’ picks for Xi’an’s five best local specialties:
1. Yangrou Paomo. As you wander through the busy streets of Xi’an you’ll notice people breaking apart bits of bread and dropping them into big bowls of soup – this is yangrou paomo, a hearty lamb stew that’s quite popular with locals and is one of the city’s most famous dishes. Enjoy a bowl of it either at a casual open-air spot or a more upscale restaurant – you won’t be disappointed.
2. Roujiamo. This flavorful meat sandwich is Xi’an’s answer to the hamburger. Stewed for hours and basted in up to 20 different spices, roujiamo is made up of either minced pork, beef, lamb or chicken mixed with cilantro and peppers and served on Mo, a flatbread made with wheat flour.
3. Liangfen. A starchy jelly with a soft texture similar to tofu, liangfen is typically derived from soy, potatoes or green beans. It’s served both hot and cold, but in Xi’an liangfen is often stir-fried with chili, mustard and vinegar sauce.
4. Guan Tang Baozi. These juicy dumplings are a specialty in Xi’an that are stuffed with hot gravy oozing with flavor. They’re widely available throughout the city, but our editors think some of the best are served at Jia Brothers’ Restaurant on Muslim Street.
5. Biang Biang Mian. Popular throughout the country’s Shaanxi province, these (really) long noodles are folded up in a bowl and topped with hot peppers. Traditionally a rural “poor man’s” meal, these hefty noodles have in recent years begun making their way into trendy restaurants, but can also be had at many street food stalls.

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