Where are the best places to eat at in Xi’an?

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Xi’an is reputed as much for its food as it is its historic resonance – whether you go gourmet or stick to street food you won’t be disappointed. Here are our Forbes Travel Guide editors’ five favorite places to eat in Xi’an:
1. Lao Sun Jia Restaurant. Opened in 1898 and located in the Muslim Quarter, Lao Sun Jia Restaurant is one of Xi’an’s most cherished culinary landmarks and is famous for its juicy lamb dumplings and yangrou paomo, or lamb stew. To prepare the soup you’ll tear buns of bread into tiny pieces, throw them in the soup bowl then wait for your server to take it away and fill it up with broth, noodles, lamb and cilantro. Add some chili sauce and slurp away.
2. De Fa Chang. Dumpling lovers, take note: De Fa Chang is famed for its 18-course feast that features just about every type of dumpling you can imagine. We love that it’s not just the flavors and fillings that are varied, too, with dumplings served in a variety of different of shapes and sizes, from flowers to flying saucers and walnuts.
3. Jiasan Guantang Baozi. This cozy spot is one of the most famous restaurants in Xi’an – not to mention a preferred choice for traveling celebrities – thanks to its sweet rice porridge, variety of succulent meat dishes and juicy dumplings filled with either lamb, beef or prawns.

4. The Muslim Quarter. From freshly fried egg tortillas to cavernous bowls of lamb stew, the Muslim Quarter is a wonderful part of the city for tasting a variety of different foods. Nibble on pieces of dried fruit, sip blended carrot smoothies and tear into piping-hot kebabs for sale from street food vendors – this is easily one of our favorite places in Xi’an to aimlessly wander.
5. King Town No. 1. There’s a great atmosphere at King Town No. 1, a bi-level restaurant with an appealing modern design and attractive table settings. Snag a table on the second floor to dine on upscale Sichuanese-Cantonese cuisine in a sophisticated setting.

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