What is the best thing to bring home from Yangon?

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Natalie Bailey

Myanmar is known for its dazzling rubies, but gem scams are somewhat common and purchasing these precious stones can be tricky unless you know how to spot the differences between a fake and the real deal. If you do decide to shop for rubies or other gems, we feel it’s important to note that many rubies are often obtained through slave-like working conditions and that all precious stone purchases are supposed to be properly documented with receipts.
Our Forbes Travel Guide editors instead suggest that the best thing to bring home from Yangon are pearl necklaces, handmade longyis (for both men and women) or one of the many beautiful antiques found throughout the city in markets, small shops and roadside stalls. When you buy such items directly from a vendor, your tourist dollars will almost certainly go to the right place (as opposed to a government-sponsored store) and help the local economy, so purchase such souvenirs without a trace of regret.

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