What are the five best Amalfi Coast food experiences?

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Food is an essential part of your stay on the Amalfi Coast. From the bottled sunshine that is Limoncello to the catches of the day, don’t miss these local favorites:
1. Limoncello. Whether you drink it straight or sip it mixed with club soda, Limoncello is a perfect post-dinner nightcap. When served chilled, it is the refreshing way to counteract the simmering sunshine that embraces the Amalfi Coast.
2. Caprese salad. An Amalfi Coast staple, the caprese salad is as simple as it is delicious. A bed of ripe tomatoes topped with fresh mozzarella and giant basil leaves — try it as a light lunch or appetizer.
3. Aperativo. One of the best things about Italy has to be the tradition of aperitivo. Buy a cocktail before the dinner hour and enjoy the complimentary appetizer buffet that comes with it. Fresh mozzarella, squares of pizza, roasted eggplant — happy hour will never be the same.
4. Napolese pizza. Oozing with fresh mozzarella, chunks of tomatoes and fresh basil, the crunchy Naples-style pizza is a favorite among locals and travels alike. Looking for a safe bet? Stop into the famed Ristorante Aurora in Capri. Otherwise, venture into any of the hole-in-the-wall trattorias. After all, you have little to lose: Even the worst pizzas on the Amalfi Coast are better than the pies back home.
5. Gelato. Though the best gelato in Italy is arguably found in Florence, the fresh varieties along the coast beg for a taste test. Our Forbes Travel Guide editors suggest the Bougainvillea in Sorrento for creamy, rich flavors such as tiramisu and pistachio.

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