What words best describe the style of The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island?

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You can use many words to describe The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, but these are the five words that we think best sum up the style of the hotel:

1. Classic. In the lobby and off The Lobby Lounge, you’ll find marble flooring and wood paneling on the walls while white orchids and large potted plants create a cozy environment. Have a nightcap by the fireplace just off the lobby and listen to the piano player tickle the keys.

2. Vintage. Walking through the hotel’s long hallways recalls a jaunt through a Dixie grandmother’s antique closet. Along with the subdued oil paintings lining the walls, you’ll see large wooden cabinets filled with full sets of floral china displays.

3. Beachy. With the Atlantic Ocean just steps away, it’s no wonder that the ocean motif comes into play in the hotel’s decor. Not only will you find wooden rocking chairs dotted throughout the grounds that make a perfect place to contemplate the water, but many of the oil paintings in the main lobby and hallways illustrate nautical scenes.

4. Elegant. As soon as the bellmen open the hotel’s front doors for you, you’ll see a central foyer anchored by a wooden table with beautiful purple flowers including irises, lilies of the Nile and sea holly, each in a tall glass vase. A grand crystal chandelier also creates an entrance way that’s both distinctive and timeless.

5. Tropical. Guest rooms at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel feature a primarily neutral color scheme, but are accented with bold tropical prints. Both the curtains and your bed’s decorative pillow feature a navy and yellow floral pattern, while loveseats and their pillows are designed using vermillion and eggplant-colored fabrics.

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