What is the dress code at Madison’s?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

DeMarco Williams

Much like Madison’s fun but formal menu, its dress code requirements are equally as versatile. Though the central restaurant at Old Edwards Inn & Spa has its regulars who wear blazers and beautiful summer dresses to dinner, there is also a contingent of guests that's a bit less formal in khakis and loafers. So, be it a mere celebration of the weekend or a wedding anniversary, the mood here is unquestionably upscale. The friendly staffers just have a way of not looking down on those who’ve chosen to come to the establishment in slacks and sandals.

Kim Atkinson

Being the main dining venue at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Old Edwards Inn & Spa, Madison’s is the kind of upscale room where guests can be just as comfortable in jeans as in their Sunday best. Be aware, though, that during dinner service the room takes on a festive feel—diners from around Highlands come to sample the beautifully presented menu of Southern-influenced American fare, and they often come dressed to impress. Regardless of what you wear, the friendly staff here will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and to put the focus on the farm-fresh menu and extensive wine list.

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