What words best describe the style of Hotel Jerome?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Coming off a brand-new facelift, the best words to describe the style of Hotel Jerome are:

1. Western. The cowhide upholstery, rich leathers and tasteful taxidermy (for example, a buffalo head) on the walls bring the Western theme to life.

2. Chic. By blending modern lighting fixtures with Western elements, Hotel Jerome looks classy rather than rustic.

3. Trendy. When you walk into Hotel Jerome, you're bound to think, "I want this, I want that ..." at just about everything you look at. That is because each piece (think cashmere curtains) looks like it was stylized for a magazine.

4. Décor. The Aspen hotel incorporated some historical and existing elements of the hotel (such as the old mailboxes at the front desk) with new high-end furnishings (look for expertly carved oak chairs with plaid flannel upholstery) that give the property a custom feel.

5. Interesting. All of the details seen throughout the luxury hotel’s interior means that there is always something cool to look at such as artwork from local artists or exclusive pieces provided by the Aspen Historical Society.

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