What are five things I should know about The Little Nell?

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From its laid-back luxury vibe to its pet-friendly policy, The Little Nell is unique among Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotels. Here are five things you should know before you check in:

1. The Little Nell isn’t kidding when it says pets are welcome. Famous for its pet-friendly Petiquette program, dogs are welcome in the lobby Living Room, Montagna bar and the pool and courtyard area. There is no limit on your pooch’s size — good news if you run into trouble trying to bring your oversize breed elsewhere. If you’re not a fan of dogs or are allergic to them, keep in mind that they’re hard to avoid at The Little Nell.

2. It goes above and beyond to accommodate families with children. The staff will pamper your little ones with all kinds of amenities and gifts to spoil them as much (if not more) than you do. There are no kid-free zones here.

3. The Aspen hotel has a decidedly modern aesthetic. While The Little Nell could be categorized as mountain-contemporary or even Aspen-casual, its clean lines, beige hues and airy, open spaces are a far cry from a classic ski lodge. Luxury and sophistication trump Old West décor here.

4. The Little Nell often sells out. This happens even more so during the holidays, so be sure to book in advance to guarantee availability and a variety of room options.

5. There is no onsite spa. If your idea of a ski vacation is to hang out at the spa while everyone else hits the slopes, you should know that The Little Nell is not a spa destination. However, the concierge can arrange for you to have massages and other spa treatments.

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