What is the average cost per plate at a wedding at The Little Nell?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

If you are planning a wedding at The Little Nell, you can create an extravagant event or a small and intimate affair. Weddings at the hotel start at $95 to $120 per plate and go up from there, depending on wine and dessert selections, additional bar setup, buffet and any other details. The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel is willing to work with any budget to customize a wedding that works for you. The average cost can come down if you’re willing to consider off-peak times and hours, like an afternoon luncheon on a Sunday afternoon.

There is no “average” wedding cost at The Little Nell, because each wedding is unique. Our catering consultants work with couples to arrange a wedding and menu that will fit their budget. Menus are entirely customizable.

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