What is the work space like in a regular room at The Little Nell?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

At The Little Nell, there really is no such thing as a regular room, since all the rooms are just slightly different. The same thing goes for the workspaces, which vary from room to room. All rooms at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel do include adequate space for those who have to work during their vacation in Aspen, whether it’s a large desk or a spacious table. At least having a nice space for your laptop and papers makes working on vacation a bit more tolerable. Still, we could see how it would be oh-so-easy to be distracted by that fabulous view.

Each guest room has either a desk or a large table on which a traveler can spread out and work at ease while enjoying high-speed wireless Internet or a hardwire connection, if preferred. Pen and paper are also provided.

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