What are the best things to order at Element 47?

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Kara Williams

The best things to order at Element 47 in The Little Nell change often along with the seasons. That’s because executive chef Robert McCormick bases his menu on the freshest local ingredients he can find. Here are five things we suggest you try:
1. Wagyu beef. Dishes that feature flavorful, locally raised Wagyu beef are gems; we especially enjoyed the Wagyu tartare mixed with gruyere and purple mustard as well as the entrée that pairs the tender meat with black trumpet mushrooms and winter squash.  
2. Roasted mushrooms. A celebration of fall, this earthy vegetarian-friendly dish features wild mushrooms, tender potatoes, mushroom-stuffed agnolotti and black truffles from Burgundy, France.
3. Foie gras. Hudson Valley’s foie gras is turned into a decadent torchon that’s served with sweet roasted pears, parsnips and pistachio sponge bread.
4. Cheese course. The excellent cheese course, which highlights cheeses made in Colorado paired with nuts and fruit, is absolutely one of the best things to order.  
5. Apple cider doughnuts. The apple flavor in these delectable doughnuts is heightened by apple jam and a dollop of crème fraîche.

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