What refreshments are provided at Remède Spa Atlanta?

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Don’t worry about rumbling stomachs or getting parched at Remède Spa Atlanta: The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa does an excellent job providing a variety of refreshments for spa guests. Head to the relaxation lounge and you’ll find munchies such as raisins, cashews, chocolates and dried cranberries, plus fresh fruit including pineapple, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Don’t know what you want to eat? Just grab a little plate and fork and have a mini fruit salad. Pour fruit-infused water into a stemless wine glass and you’ll feel like you’re getting ready for a laid-back lunch. You can also fill up a mug with White Lion teas — flavors include ginger, peach, Tuscan garden, Earl Grey and cranberry hibiscus — then garnish Southern-style with a lemon wedge. And of course there’s refreshing bottled water so you head to nirvana at theis luxury spa fully hydrated.

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