What are the best things to eat and drink at Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore?

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If you’re feeling hungry at all during your visit to Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore, definitely seek out these best things to eat and drink:

1. Shrimp and grits at Wit & Wisdom. Quite frankly, this is one of the best versions of shrimp and grits we’ve ever sampled. Five plump shrimp sit atop a bed of Anson Mills Antebellum grits, served with a thick Marvesta shrimp gravy and braised Benton’s bacon.

2. Beet and goat cheese salad at Wit & Wisdom. The beet and goat cheese salad has become a bit overplayed, but we fell hard for this artfully plated version, which showcases cubes of roasted Tuscarora beets and juicy watermelon along with Monocasy goat cheese, chopped pistachios and webs of red onion.

3. Chicken tasting robatayaki at Pabu. Michael Mina’s izakaya-style restaurant offers Japanese grilled dishes along with local and Tsukiji-procured sushi and sashimi and other small plates. The robatayaki section of the menu features skewers that have been grilled over Japanese white oak. Try the chicken tasting to sample all bits of the tasty bird.

4. Charming Farmer at Wit & Wisdom Lounge. The spacious bar at Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore regularly hosts a lively after-work crowd that drops by the harbor-front space to enjoy expertly made and innovative cocktails. This tipple pairs George Dickel Tennessee whiskey with maple syrup and lemon juice, shaken and served up with a charred bay leaf.

5. Beignets and drip coffee at Lamill Coffee. Los Angeles-based Lamill has opened up a branch of its airy café in the Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore, providing a selection of coffee beverages, pastries and small snacks for nibbling. If you’re looking for a light breakfast, you can’t beat the warm fried beignets, served with either butterscotch, lemon curd or chocolate sauce. All the coffee here is served pour-over style, ensuring freshness in every cup.

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